Fidelidade Future


Fidelidade’s new headquarters in Lisbon is a truly innovative and iconic real estate project that will be not only a landmark in the city, but also in Europe. The new headquarters embodies our deepest ambitions: to take care of people and the planet.

New Headquarters

The building was designed in accordance with trusted sustainability systems certifications recognized worldwide, LEED, WELL and NZEB, which guarantee the reduction of the use of energy, water and other resources and healthier indoor spaces. Related to LEED, the new building will be gold certified, and we are now working to achieve LEED Platinium certification, the highest-ranking level.

Innovation and sustainability intersect through:

An innovative Exterior Shading Design Shading system that will reduce annual solar gains passively by approximately 66% on each floor.

The prioritization of natural light and use of very efficient LED lighting (40% reduction in lighting power compared to the reference values).

The implementation of renewable energy sources both photovoltaic solar panels (948 m2) and geothermal energy system, taking advantage of the high thermal inertia of the soil, constituting an enormous accumulator of energy. The use of Geothermal energy will allow savings of 936 MWh/year and 192 tons of CO2/year, compared to conventional solutions.

Water efficiency technologies like greywater recovery and rainwater capture.

New Headquarters
Our new building reflects our willingness to go further, impacting not only our business but society as a whole.