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Future Store
Nowadays, sustainability, in a holistic way, is not an option but rather an imperative. In times of constant climate change, depletion of natural resources, and growing environmental awareness, companies and institutions that demonstrate commitment to the environment are not only admired but also seen as leaders of a new era.
Future Store

One of our actions to create sustainable impact is putting our commitments into practice, materializing our ambitions. Through the creation of new concepts in the relationship between space and the public, we design a new Physical philosophy, adopting the best environmental practices and fulfilling 5 main objectives:

– Demonstration of Commitment to Sustainability (in all aspects) – Encouragement of Circular Economy – Energy Efficiency and Cost Reduction – Education and Awareness – Brand Enhancement

Thus, our starting point is the creation of a real and fair space. A space in constant change, a laboratory of knowledge, entirely built and equipped with sustainable materials, where we can manage the theme, share experiences, and where everyone can follow a true technological, digital, and environmental transition. A space built in an ecosystem that will be, as it should be, animal-friendly 🙂

Our strategy is based on three key vectors: sustainability, production capacity, and interactivity.

Chairs, tables, light points, etc. will be created and selected specifically for this space. Practices in the use of resources, paper, energy, and water consumption will be as rational as possible and monitored to obtain a real measure of evolution and impact.

Thus, in this space, we will promote podcasts on the theme of sustainability and on the actions implemented by Fidelidade and its partners. All information about the impact of usage and consumption will be processed and shared in the form of Beautiful Data, on LEDs arranged in the store and online.

Future Store

Finally, the aim is to extend this interactive space to the surrounding communities. The concept and construction of the store are designed in close collaboration with the community, making it a living space that evolves as the community evolves.

In this journey of more than 200 years, the Store of the Future is a secure step towards the longevity of societies and the construction of a more sustainable world for future generations.

Future Store